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Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

0 comments · September 10, 2017

Watch out for Counterfeit DOT Certified Helmets

Curiosity or potentially Counterfeit DOT motorcycle helmets may look like it, yet many, if not all, neglect to meet government safety guidelines.

This questionable curiosity, as well as fake helmets, highlight a Department of Transportation (DOT) endorsed name, yet most are fake, as per the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

As it were, whether you purchase shoddy helmets that you believe is DOT confirmed because it has a DOT mark, you might be buying simply garbage.

It is essential that if you need to wear a DOT helmets for well-being purposes while riding your motorcycle that you guarantee you are purchasing helmets fabricated by a legitimate helmets maker.

To help battle forgers, the NHTSA has modified the DOT marking for motorcycle helmets that now peruses "Dab FMVSS No. 218 Certified," which is an acronym for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

Powerful May 13, 2011, all new motorcycle helmets must have one of these new marks on its inside, which demonstrate that the cover met government principles for "Effect Attenuation," "Infiltration" and "Maintenance System, for example, the last.

Other than perusing "Speck FMVSS No. 218 Certified," the mark will likewise distinguish the motorcycle helmets producer, exact model assignment and furthermore month and year of make.

As indicated by the FMVSS No. 218, "Every helmet might be marked for all time and neatly, in a way to such an extent that the label(s) can be perused effectively without evacuating cushioning or some other perpetual part." More safety information to visit here...

Furthermore, obviously, the DOT logo sticker must be available at the lower back of the motorcycle helmets. 

The NHTSA says these new marking pre requisites will upgrade general motorcycle security in light of the accompanying insights:


1.            A motorcycle helmet that meets the DOT FMVSS No 218 necessities drops the danger of biting the dust in a cruiser crash by 37 percent, the NHTSA reports; and

2.            If fewer helmets are made that don't meet the government standard, the NHTSA reports that in the vicinity of 22 and 75 lives might be spared.


It regards see the NHTSA endeavoring to spare the lives of motorcyclists by endeavoring to weed out slime bucket helmets forgers. Notwithstanding, there is a decent shot that the new names will likewise be duplicated.

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